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Kendo Varsity

The annual Oxford-Cambridge Varsity Match in Kendo started about 20 years ago, in 1997, and the tradition has continued ever since.

Every year at the end of the Lent Term, around February-March, Cambridge Kendo Club delegates a team of five students to compete against Oxford in the Varsity Team Match.

The event venue and organisation responsibilities alternate biannually between Cambridge and Oxford.

The other club memebers can participate in the Individual competition held before the Team Match.

In 2018 the Varsity will be organised and held in Oxford on the 14th April 2018.

Half Blue Sport Status

Half Blue Sport Status
Design Credit: Katarzyna Sokol

2 February 2018

As of 2017/2018 academic year, Cambridge University Kendo Club has been successfully awarded the Half Blue sport status.

The application and presentation was passed by both, the Cambridge University Women Blues Committee (as of 16/11/2017) and the Cambridge University Men Blues Committee (as of 24/11/2017) in the Michaelams Term and has been confirmed now. The criteria are slightly different for Men and Women (since we are a mixed sport club), and have been modified by both Committees accordingly to be in line with other combat sports.

The current requirements are as follows:

Blues CriteriaHalfFull
Current Status: WomenHalf Blues awarded to up to
5 members (male or female)
who i) compete in the
Varsity Match First Team
(mixed team); AND ii) are
3rd Kyu grade or higher.
Up to 2 Discretionary.
Criteria: i) A medal at any
national-level kendo
competition eg. UK
University Kendo Taikai
(BUCS), Mumeishi 3s
Championships, London Cup,
European Kendo
Championships AND ii)
participation in the Varsity
Match First Team AND iii) a
black belt grade level
(minimum 1-dan/ Shodan).
Current Status: MenHalf Blues awarded to
up to 5 members (male or female)
who i) represent Cambridge
in the Varsity Match First
Team (mixed team); ii) are of
3rd Kyu grade or higher; iii)
win their fight OR the team
wins Varsity.
Only via the Extraordinary
Full Blue application.
Total awarded annuallyUp to 50-2

For more information and Varsity Match eligibility criteria, please visit:

University of Cambridge Sport: Blues Committees and Varsity

        1.0 Strict