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BKA Membership

BKA Membership

British Kendo
Image credit: BKA

Our dojo is registered with the national governing body for kendo, the British Kendo Association. Our coaches are licensed and insured by the BKA and our Dojo Leader has served as a BKA Regional Coach (training and licensing other coaches) since 2007.

All our members must be registered with the BKA, which will make them insured, unless they are already members of another national body recognized by the International Kendo Federation and they can exhibit proof that they are insured to practice in the UK.

On the BKA web site you may join the BKA online, download a membership form (but that's not necessary if you join online) and look up the pricing. If you are only just starting kendo, select the cheap "temporary membership". Note that the fees paid to the BKA are totally independent of the fees paid to our dojo---you have to pay both.

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