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News: Year 2015

Gasshuku 2015 Kendo Summer Camp

Gasshuku 2015
Photo credit: Katarzyna Sokol

26-31 August 2015

Many thanks to the organisers, including Frank Stajano, Lilly Phoenix and Katarzyna Sokol, for making this year's summer training camp - Gasshuku, possible.

The Gasshuku was held in Cambridge Community College and included the participants from three different dojos: Tsurugi Bashi (Cambridge), Renseikan (Newport) and Dentsu University (Tokyo). The aim was to give the participants a rigorous schedule of 5 hours of training a day, split into two sessions.

Three high-ranking sensei flew in from Japan for the week, Hoshi sensei (7-dan kendo and grandmaster of Hokushin Itto Ryu), Ishihara sensei 7-dan kendo and Yamauchi sensei 6-dan kendo. After a few days of intense training and teaching, the event was finalised by a formal dinner in one of the oldest Cambridge colleges Christ College, and a 1-day sightseeing trip to London.

Kendo Varsity Match 2015

Varsity 2015
Photo credit: Katarzyna Sokol

28 February 2015

Congratulations to the Cambridge Team winning the Oxford-Cambridge Kendo Varsity Match 2015 with a score 3 to 2 awarded to Cambridge.

        1.0 Strict