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News: Year 2017

Mumeishi 3s

Mumeishi 3s
Photo credit: Katarzyna Sokol

18 November 2017

Four of our members, Akihiro Mori, Vitor Zanni, Thomas Legris and Katarzyna Sokol participated and represented the Cambridge University Kendo Club in 2017 Mumeishi 3s 45th International Kendo Clubs Championship on Saturday 18th November in Mumeishi Kendo Club in London.

The event consisted of Team, Ladies and Junior competition. Each match was 2 min long followed by a 1 min long encho. In the Ladies Open Championships, Katarzyna won the first fight but got eliminated in the next fight after encho by hantei. In the Teams Open Championships, Vitor won his fight with two clean men strikes, Thomas received two hansoku and Akihiro received two men strikes after an intensive fight against a yondan GB squad member. Both, Ladies (32 competitors) and Team Championships (32 teams), were based on a straight knock-out elimination.

Overall, the level of the competition was very high and the event was worth participating in!

2017 Mumeishi Grading

2017 Mumeishi Grading
Photo credit: Katarzyna Sokol

15 October 2017

Congratulations to Katarzyna Sokol for passing Shodan (1-dan) and Vitor Zanni for passing Nidan (2-dan) gradings at the Mumeishi Grading in Mumeishi Kendo Club in London!

2017 Lidstone Memorial Kyusha Taikai

2017 Lidstone Memorial Kyusha Taikai
Photo credit: Katarzyna Sokol

7 October 2017

Two of our members, Ruoyun Hui and Katarzyna Sokol participated and represented the Cambridge University Kendo Club in 2017 Lidstone Memorial Kyusha Taikai on Saturday 7th October in Nenriki Kendo Club in London. The event was divided into two parts. The first part and morning session was a shiai practice where all participants were divided into smaller groups with the sensei giving individual advice and tips after each ji-geiko. The second part started was the official Taikai, followed by the ji-geiko with the sensei and the buffet dinner and sayonara party at the Rising Sun pub. The Taikai was based on a straight knock-out elimination with about 70 competitors. Unfortunately, this time both our members were eliminated on the way to the semi-finals.

Few important points made by the sensei during the shiai geiko:

  • Ki-ken-tai-ichi - spirit, sword, body synchronisation
  • Strong kiai, straight posture, high spirit
  • An obvious seme - find or create an opening before the strike
  • Do not spend too much time waiting for an opening
  • Do not spend too much time in the tsubazeriai position, separate or do hiki waza
  • Go straight through, do not start turning too quickly after the strike
  • Always show a proper zanshin after the strike

Overall, the event was good and well-organised. Especially useful were shiai practice and the final ji-geiko with the sensei. All kyusha are recommended to participate in the future!

Ikkyu Tsubaki Grading

Ikkyu Tsubaki Grading
Photo credit: Thomas Legris

1 October 2017

Congratulations to Thomas Legris for passing the Ikkyu (1-kyu) grading at the Tsubaki Kendo Club in Carshalton!

Freshers' Fair and Beginner Course 2017

Freshers Fair 2017
Design credit: Juno Doran

2 October 2017

Cambridge Kendo Club new members intake - Michaelmas 2017!

Cambridge University Kendo Club is looking for new members!
Come and find us at the Freshers' Fair on the 3-4 October (10am - 4pm), or drop in to any of the Open Days.

Open Days (free taster sessions): 6 and 13 October.
Beginner Course (6 sessions): 20 October to 24 November, every Friday (7:30pm - 9:30pm)

Venue: Studio 1, University of Cambridge Sports Centre, Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge CB3 0FS

Any questions - please contact Kendo Secretary

Important note for the beginners wishing to complete the Beginner Course:

  • Attend one of the Open Days
  • Attend all the beginners course sessions - they build on each other
  • Pay all the relevant fees before the first day of the Beginner Course

Kendo Kata & Picnic

Kata and Picnic 2017
Photo credit: Katarzyna Sokol

12 June 2017

Kendo Kata and Picnic at St John's College Backs.

Kendo Club End of Year Dinner

Dinner 2017
Photo credit: Katarzyna Sokol

11 June 2017

End of Year Formal Dinner at St John's College. Thanks to Katarzyna for organising.

Kendo Taster & Picnic at the Backs

Kendo Taster Announcement 2017
Graphics credit: SeanE on DeviantArt

4 June 2017

Have you ever wondered what kendo is? Ever wanted to try out a Japanese martial art? Ever thought that the samurai looked pretty cool? Ever wondered what inspired the lightsaber duels in Star Wars? Or maybe just wanted to chill out by the river at John? Backs? Here is your unique chance to find out the answers to all those questions. And much more.
Come and join a few nice people from the Cambridge University Kendo Club for our free kendo taster session. We will talk about kendo. Teach you how to use a katana. Show you some of the traditional techniques and forms. And then have a picnic at John's Backs. Some drinks and snacks will be provided. Pimm's. Strawberries with cream.
Everyone welcome! Spread the word. Bring your friends. Drop in anytime.
14.00-15.30 - Kendo Kata Taster at St John's Backs
15.30-18.00 - Picnic / drinks at St John's Backs
Hints & directions: Enter John's Forecourt Gate with infinite confidence, head to the Backs and look out for friendly-looking people in dark blue samurai-like martial art clothing.

Kendo Varsity Match 2017

Varsity Match 2017
Photo credit: Katarzyna Sokol

29 April 2017

Oxford-Cambridge Kendo Varsity Match 2017

University Kendo Taikai Gradings 2017

UK University Kendo Taikai 2017
Photo credit: Katarzyna Sokol

5 March 2017

Congratulations to Katarzyna Sokol for being awarded the Fighting Spirit prize in Ladies' Kyu category and passing the Ikkyu grading.

UK University Kendo Taikai 2017

UK University Kendo Taikai 2017
Photo credit: Katarzyna Sokol

4 March 2017

Many thanks to the Cambridge University Kendo Club captain Georgi Genov for organising and coordinating the UK Kendo University Taikai 2017 on the 4-5th March 2017 at the Chesterton Community College Sport Centre in Cambridge, and also to the other Cambridge University team members: Katarzyna Sokol, Ruoyun Hi, Jianxin Zhao and other club members, especially Barry Rutter and Lenka Lukaskova for all the help in running the event. Lots of thanks to all the helpers from other universities, shinpan and sensei, and many thanks to our sponsor Eurokendo for providing the prizes for the winners. Thanks to all the participants for attending the event and congratulations to all the winners!

Tachibana and Tsukamoto Sensei Visit

Brazil Sensei Visit 2017
Photo credit: Katarzyna Sokol

15 February 2017

Many thanks to our guests - 6-Dan Tachibana sensei and 5-Dan Tsukamoto sensei visiting from Brazil and all the Japanese exchange students from Tokyo University for two great and intensive training sessions. Thanks to everyone attending. It's been an honour to cross shinais with you.

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