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Kendo Kata

The single best way to learn the movements of kata is to practice it. You can come to understand it better through talking to sempai, online resoures (youtube) or reading a book. For a full run through of all the kata watch the following videos.

Nihon Kendo Kata

Nihon Kendo Kata - Video Forms 1 to 10

Nihon Kendo Kata - Black Belt Wiki

Kendo Kihon Keiko Ho

While there is no substitute for learning in the dojo, there are a few ways to improve at home on what you have learned.

For a list of the movements for both Kakarite and Motodachi you can find youtube videos illustrating Kihon Keiko Ho:

Kihon Keiko-Ho

Kihon Keiko Ho - Video Waza 1 to 9

Kihon Keiko Ho - Black Belt Wiki

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