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University of Cambridge Kendo Society - Tsurugi Bashi Kendo Kai



For beginners 2021

Join us!

Fresher's fairs

We are happy that this year's freshers' fair is back to an in-person event! We'll be at the University Sports Fair on the 4th of October (at the University Sports Centre) and at the Freshers' Fair on the 5th and 6th of October (on Parker's Piece). Please come to our stall if you are interested!

Open Days

We shall hold two Open days on Friday the 8th and 15th of October 2021, at the University of Cambridge Sports Centre. The two days will be a repeat of each other and you are welcome to join us on either of them.

Each Open Day will start at 19:30 and will run until 21:30. Punctuality will be appreciated. Please do not come halfway through. There will be an explanation and demonstration of kendo, followed by the opportunity for members of the audience to practice (but just watching is also OK).

For more information about open days, beginners course and joining the dojo, please fill in this form or, if you have a Raven account, sign up to the kendo-interested read-only low-traffic mailing list.

Beginners' Course

For everyone's safety, people wishing to join the dojo will have to attend the beginners' course, except if they have already been awarded a kyu or dan grade and have been in armour for at least a year.

The course will take place over six Fridays, from Oct 22nd to Nov 26th, all at 19:30 - 21:30. These sessions will be for beginners only. Beginners must pay in full before attending the first session of the course.

For the fees please check fees page. All members, including beginners, will also need to pay the annual dojo fee and BKA membership.

The beginner's course will cover all the essential skills needed to practice safely in a group with the rest of the regular members, so attendance to all six sessions is mandatory.

On successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded 6th kyu and will then be allowed to practice at all kendo sessions.

        1.0 Strict