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University of Cambridge Kendo Society - Tsurugi Bashi Kendo Kai




Fees for practicing at Tsurugi Bashi Kendo Kai

These fees were approved at the Annual General Meeting of 2018-05-11 and have never been raised since.

We could make things simple and say "100 pounds when you join plus 100 pounds per year", and we'd still be among the cheapest dojo in the country (several other places charge about 40 pounds per month). Instead, we make things a bit more complicated so that we can be even cheaper overall.

You will have to pay a BKA fee (every year), a dojo fee (every year) and also, if a beginner, a beginners' course and starter pack fee (only once). Details below.

Dojo fee (everyone pays this)

You get a discount if you are a current university student (undergraduate, master or doctoral student), because we are a student society. Membership fees have to be paid on an annual basis.

Fee per year (Oct-Sep)
university students£75 (code KSFY)
others£120 (code KOFY)

Occasional guests with prior kendo experience pay no fee. Please contact the dojo leader directly if you wish to visit.

Beginners course and starter pack (only beginners pay this)

Those without prior kendo experience need to attend a beginners course before joining. They also need some basic equipment. The cost of the beginners course and starter pack (comprising shinai, bokuto and sword bag) is as follows. Normally the two go together but talk to us for special circumstances (e.g. you already have the kit---but I'll first want to check that it's of good enough quality: bring it to the open day and show me).

Beginners course and Starter packBeginners course onlyStarter pack only
university students£100 (code KSBP)£50 (code KSB)£50 (code KSP)
others£150 (code KOBP)£90 (code KOB)£60 (code KOP)

How to pay

No refunds

You pay exactly the same amount whether you attend every session in the year or just one or two---it's up to you to make the most of your subscription fee. There are no discounts for low attendance and no refunds.

In addition to the above, everyone who practices at Tsurugi Bashi must be insured. For this you must be a member of the BKA. Please pay the BKA fee online and print and bring us a copy of your membership certificate (with your name, BKA number and expiration date) when you join the dojo. Note that you need your BKA number for your dojo payments. Contrary to popular belief, a "dojo password" is not necessary to obtain a BKA temporary licence. You will be listed as having applied; you will be upgraded to current member once you also send us proof of the dojo payments and actually turn up in the dojo.

We ask that you please pay by bank transfer (here are the banking coordinates), both for auditability and to simplify administration.

The full name for the recipient is: "Treasurers Account University of Cambridge Kendo Society".

In the "payment reference" field, please write, separated by hyphens:

  • Correct payment code from the above tables
  • Your BKA number
  • Your family name

For example if you are Ms Kato, a Cambridge student who pays by year, and your BKA number is 6789, then in October you will pay a £75 year fee with payment reference KSFY-6789-KATO. If you are Mr Smith, a non-student beginner starting in October, and you got a BKA number of 15322 when you registered with the BKA, you'll pay £120 for the whole year with code KOFY-15322-SMITH and also £150 for beginners course and starter pack with code KOBP-15322-SMITH.

Please email a screen shot of your bank's "transaction completed" web page to kendo-secretary at srcf ucam org before coming to the session. If you don't get an acknowledgement, please also bring a printout to the session as your proof of payment.

To avoid confusion and misunderstanding, please do not combine these payments with any other transactions (bogu deposit, reimbursement of hall rental on behalf of the dojo etc). Use the correct code and pay the exact amount specified for that code.

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