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University of Cambridge Kendo Society - Tsurugi Bashi Kendo Kai




Contact information

All emails listed in this page must be completed with the domain

For non-members

Write to the "kendo-info" email address at this domain.

If you simply wish to watch, come to one of our practice sessions as a spectator. They are listed on the training calendar.

If you wish to start kendo, you'll need to join one of our beginners' courses. There is one every October and occasionally others after the Xmas or Easter breaks depending on demand. Subscribe to the very low-traffic "kendo-interested" mailing list to be notified of the next course.

If you already have kendo experience, and possibly your own equipment, you will probably be able to practice with us at any time. Talk to us.

For visiting kendoka: we do not charge guests for practicing with us. However if you become more of a regular you will be expected to join the dojo.

Administrative roles

SecretaryWrite to "kendo-secretary" at this domain.
Junior TreasurerWrite to "kendo-treasurer" at this domain.
CaptainWrite to "kendo-captain" at this domain.
WebmasterWrite to "kendo-webmaster" at this domain.
Senior TreasurerWrite to "kendo-seniortreasurer" at this domain.
CoachesWrite to "kendo-coach" at this domain.
BKA Dojo RepresentativeWrite to "kendo-representative" at this domain.
Venue officerWrite to "kendo-venueofficer" at this domain.
Dojo leaderWrite to "kendo-leader" at this domain.

Mailing lists

We run several mailing lists. All members can write on kendo-forum. The other lists are read-only and low-traffic. Click on the links below to subscribe using the web interface of each list.

Non-members wishing to be notified about the next beginners course should subscribe to kendo-interested.

kendo-interestedFor non-members wishing to be notified of the next beginners' courseVery low trafficRead-onlyAnyone can subscribe
kendo-forumGeneral discussion about kendo and training sessionsNormal trafficRead-writeCurrent members, and former members for a while (except if affiliated with Oxford)
kendo-currentFor current membersVery low trafficRead-writeYou will be on this list if and only if you are a currently paid-up member

When you no longer wish to receive mail from one of these lists, unsubscribe by yourself by visiting the corresponding web interface as listed above. Please do not send an "unsubscribe me" message to the mailing list itself---this only annoys the other subscribers.

(No) Postal address

We do not have physical premises of our own, or a permanent postal address. If you need to post something to us, email "kendo-secretary" at this domain and the secretary will give you a postal address where he or she can receive your mail at the time. (Note that many of our members are students who have different postal addresses, e.g. university vs home, at different times of the year.)

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