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University of Cambridge Kendo Society - Tsurugi Bashi Kendo Kai




Membership of Tsurugi Bashi Kendo Kai


We run beginner courses up to three times a year, subject to there being enough beginners for a class. Details on the next course are on the joining page. Of course, if you already have your own bogu you don't need to do the beginners course before joining.


Because we are a student society, our fees are very low. We also have various discount schemes in place. We recommend attending the free open day to have a chance to decide whether you like kendo before committing financially.

BKA membership

All our members must be registered with the British Kendo Association, not least for insurance purposes. (If you are already a member of another national IKF-recognized association, please bring proof that you are insured when practicing in the UK.)


Subject to availability, you may initially borrow a set of bogu from us by paying a refundable deposit.

If you want to buy your own equipment, the club can buy equipment such as shinai and bokuto in bulk so that you can buy it from the Society slightly more cheaply than by mail order. Of course you may also buy your own independently.

        1.0 Strict