University of Cambridge Kendo Society

Joining Our Dojo

Photo credit: Neil Hubbard

You must be over 18 to join Tsurugi Bashi.

Experienced kendoka

If you are already an experienced kendoka with your own armour, you may practice with us at any time during the year. We don't charge a per-session fee for occasional guests (up to 3 sessions per term) but you'll have to bring proof that you have insurance coverage while practicing in the UK (usually by showing a current BKA licence, for UK-based kendoka).

If you wish to practice with us more regularly than that, you'll be expected to join and pay the term fee. Please read about fees, check the training calendar and training venues, contact us to tell us that you would like to join and then, once you have sorted out the BKA membership and the dojo fees, come along to the first available session. Or just come along as a spectator to see what it's like here, and for a chat.


If you are a beginner, for your safety and the safety of your practice partners we want you to do our beginners' course before taking you on. Sign up to the kendo-interested mailing list (details on the contact page) to be notified before the course starts. If you can find other interested friends, bring them along, so as to maximize the chance that we can run a new class.

We run an open day and a six-session beginners' course every October (also after Xmas and after Easter if there are enough takers). You will be expected to attend all sessions of the beginners' course, as they build on each other. You must be over 18.

To be notified of the open day and course, please sign up to kendo-interested.

There will be a demonstration of kendo, with explanations, followed by a practice session for the spectators who want to swing a shinai (bamboo sword).

To practice, come in loose sports clothes (e.g. tracksuit). No equipment or special uniform needed yet. Practice is barefoot.

        1.0 Strict